Two games, One Package

What excites me most about Star Wars Battlefront 2 is also that which terrifies me about it: It’s a Battlefront campaign. However, the fact that the campaign is developed separately and written by someone as prolific as Mitch Dyer makes me question if it was meant to be its own franchise altogether. Either way, it’s an exciting proposition and one I’ll probably dive into after reviews start rolling in.

A Battlefront in my Heart

Random thoughts on Star Wars Battlefront 2, not necessarily represented in the video:

  • The Death Star explosion shot was breathtaking. Made me the most excited.
  • Wonder how many men are freaking out about the main character being a female Stormtrooper. Probably not much of a vent diagram between them and the triggered over a black one.
  • Wish it wasn’t part of a Battlefront game.
  • I’m already expecting a Spec Ops style twist, where the lead comes to realize she’s the villain. Not wanting it despite how amazing the game was, but still will be waiting for it. Especially if the story spans thirty years and it takes thirty years to realize.
  • A minor reworking of spec ops being on <, which is interesting but makes sense.
  • Will this reveal more of how the First Order rose? Fascinating to see how all the multimedia components weave together in the new canon compared to the bit of a cluster fuck of the old one.
  • Main man Darth Maul is back. I haven’t kept up with his story line since I was never able to get into the Clone Wars or Rebels. Just something about the animation reminds me too much of the early days of 3D, where no one quite knew how to make gravity work.

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